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DIHK Economic Survey Fall 2023 - Uncertain framework conditions slow down German economy

The DIHK has published the economy survey for fall 2023. The survey involved more than 24,000 German businesses globally. Companies across all industries still view the current business situation somewhat positively: 30 percent (down from 34 percent) rate the current business as "good."

The business sentiment is clouding over. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine continue to burden businesses, particularly with persistently high prices and increased interest rates. Additionally, structural challenges such as a shortage of skilled workers, the transition to renewable energy, and excessive bureaucracy contribute to increased costs in inputs, energy, labor, and financing. Simultaneously, there are no positive impulses from foreign trade at the moment, as global economic conditions are sluggish. Moreover, geopolitical uncertainties are on the rise. Given the overall gloomy outlook, the DIHK expects a 0.5 percent decline in economic output this year. In the following year, the DIHK anticipates economic stagnation (0.0 percent). 

For all details on the survey result, kindly visit here>>>

Vietnam: Lower Saxony Delegation Enhances Germany-Vietnam Economic Ties, October 2 – 7, 2023 

On October 2, a delegation from Lower Saxony, Germany, led by Minister President Stephan Weil, arrived in Vietnam and started a 6-day trip to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City which includes several meetings with important authorities shows raised high demand for strengthening cooperation between Lower Saxony and Vietnam, especially in economy and labour. 

In this trip, the delegation had a briefing with the German Embassy, AHK Vietnam, and GTAI, followed by a roundtable discussion moderated by Mr. Marko Walde, shedding light on Vietnam's economic landscape and opportunities for German companies in Southeast Asia. Minister President Stephan Weil encountered high-ranking officials from the Vietnamese government, including Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hien, Deputy Head of the Central Economic Commission and Mr. Nguyen Ba Hoan, the Deputy Minister of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs,…  

For more photos and details of the Lower Saxony Delegation’s meeting, kindly visit here>>> 

GBA Co-Chairmen Letter | Third Quarter 2023

We want to take a moment to reflect on the significant progress we have made in the 3rd Quarter of 2023. There have been numerous highlights that have propelled us forward, and we are excited to share these with you. We also deeply appreciate your active participation and the valuable feedback you provide through the mid-year membership survey, which plays a crucial role in shaping our future events and activities. As we look forward to the 4th quarter, we are excited about the new opportunities that await us. Your continued support fuels our commitment to create the best possible market environment and operating conditions for our members.

Read the full letter here>>>

Berlin, Germany: Vietnam – Germany Economic Cooperation Roundtable, October 5, 2023 

On October 5, 2023, the "Vietnam – Germany Economic Cooperation Roundtable" initiated by The Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam (MOIT) took place successfully in Berlin with participation from crucial parties, who represents the strategic economic partnership between the two countries. 

This event is an initiative in collaboration between VIETRADE, the Vietnam Embassy in Germany, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), the German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (AHK Vietnam), and the German Asia-Pacific Business Association (OAV). The roundtable also involved more than 30 Vietnamese enterprises, each excelling in diverse sectors such as pharmaceutical products, food processing, agricultural commodities, textile and garment, manufacturing, and consumer goods. 

For more photos and details of the event, kindly visit here>>> 

The 2023 GBA Oktoberfest: A Resounding Success

The 2023 GBA Oktoberfest was a spectacular celebration of German culture and friendship in Vietnam. The festival took place in three major cities: Hanoi, Danang, and Ho Chi Minh, over seven nights of beer, food, and live music.

More than 10,500 people joined us for this unforgettable experience, consuming over 20,000 litres of beer. We are immensely grateful to our event partners, sponsors, suppliers, and the GBA team for their hard work and dedication. Without them, this event would not have been possible. We also appreciate the enthusiasm and support of our guests, who made this the largest German cultural festival in Southeast Asia.

We can’t wait to see you again at the 2024 GBA Oktoberfest to continue celebrating the friendship between Germany and Vietnam. We toast to the amazing success we have achieved and the brighter future we will share. Prost!

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit the remarkable GBA Oktoberfest 2023 in the photo album here>>> and follow our Oktoberfest page here>>> for more updates.

Cambodia: MOU Signing Ceremony between AHK Vietnam & Eurocham Cambodia, September 29, 2023 

In terms of the ASEAN-Cambodia Business Summit in Phnom Penh, Mr. Marko Walde and Mr. Tassilo Brinzer, Chairman of EuroCham Cambodia, officially joined hands with increase and foster German investment in Cambodia by signing the MoU about our partnership.  

This MoU seeks to foster cooperation between AHK and EuroCham in assisting the sustainable development of Cambodia, upskilling the Cambodian workforce, and providing business development services to companies. Both organizations will work closely together on joint initiatives in sharing the best practices and knowledge to attract more investment and trade opportunities between Germany and Cambodia. Also, we are committed to our ultimate goal of proactively supporting German companies doing business in the CLMV Sub-region.  

For more photos and details of the event, kindly visit here>>> 

For more requests or queries regarding the market in Laos, please reach out to us at email: regionCLM@vietnam.ahk.de 

Vietnam – New Work Permit Rules – Legal Update on New Decree Amending the Current Regulations on Work Permit 

On September 18, 2023, the Government issued new work permit regulations with Decree No. 70/2023/ND-CP, amending the existing rules for foreign workers in the country. Key highlights of these changes include relaxed conditions for Expert, CEO, and Technical labor positions, a removal of work permit waivers for expats with Vietnamese spouses, mandatory job posting for positions where foreign employees are expected, updated application forms, and clarified authority for work permit issuance. These rules aim to align with common industry practices and enhance the management of foreign workers in Vietnam.  

For more details, kindly visit here>>> 

HCMC, Vietnam: Opening Ceremony of Contagi in German Business Incubator Vietnam, October 19, 2023 

On October 19, our new tenant at German Business Incubator Vietnam – JP Contagi – celebrated the vibrant opening ceremony for its new office in Ho Chi Minh City.  

JP Contagi is a German-Swiss executive search firm specializing in systematic direct search for qualified personnel in middle and top management positions in Europe and Asia. With this expansion, they aim to broaden their network and industry reach, offering clients efficient access to talent pools and personnel solutions in the region. 

For more photos and details of the event, kindly visit here>>> 


tesa Officially Opens its New Site in Hai Phong

Germany-headquartered tape maker tesa inaugurated a EUR55 million ($57.8 million) factory in Hai Phong city on Thursday, 12 October as part of its strategic orientation to regionalize production, expand capacity, and optimize supply chains. GBA Vice-Chairman Mr. Marko Walde, had the pleasure of witnessing this growing footprint of tesa and extended congratulations to our Corporate Partner.

Mr. Dirk Hartmann, General Director of tesa Site Hai Phong/ GBA Board member said when it selected Vietnam for its plant, the firm saw an attractive destination for investment thanks to the country’s stable economic growth.

More details here>>>

German General Consulate Ho Chi Minh City Celebrated the German Unity Day

HCMC, October 5th – The German Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City hosted a reception to celebrate the 33rd Anniversary of German Unity Day. The German Consul General, Dr. Josefine Wallat emphasized the importance of the German Unity Day as a symbol of peace, freedom, and democracy in Europe and beyond.

Representing the GBA, Co-Chairmen Mr. Elmar Dutt and Vice-Chairman Mr. Martin Koerner were among the attendees. They expressed their gratitude to the Consulate General for their commitment to facilitating and fostering the German-Vietnamese economic ties. They also highlighted the achievements and challenges of the GBA in promoting trade, investment, and social responsibility in Vietnam.

More details here>>>

German Embassy Hanoi Celebrated the 33rd Anniversary of German Unity Day

Hanoi, October 3rd – The German Embassy Hanoi held a reception in celebration of the 33rd anniversary of German Unity Day. Representing the GBA, Co-Chairmen Mr. Elmar Dutt and Mr. Torben Minko attended this cozy reception and expressed our prolonged dedication to facilitating and fostering the German-Vietnamese economic ties.

The German Ambassador Dr. Guido Hildner affirmed the strong bilateral relations between Germany and Vietnam, marked by significant cooperation in the fields of energy, climate change mitigation, and the recruitment of highly skilled workers. This partnership reflects the shared commitment between the two countries to the future's sustainable development and mutual growth.

Click here>>> to read the full speech of Dr. Guido Hildner at the reception

Vietnam: Lower Saxony Delegation Explores Investment Opportunities in Vietnam, October 2 – 7, 2023 

During the visit to Vietnam, Lower Saxony Delegation had their stop at several important and strategic organizations, including the AHK office, remarkable firms, and training facilities in terms of vocational training like LeGroup (steel parts for vehicles), Prettl (German automotive components), VINAFADI (industrial wooden furniture), FPT Software (IT services), Cicor (PCB assembly and plastic molding), Viessmann (sustainable water and heating solutions),… 

The Lower Saxony Delegation's visit underscores their commitment to building international business relationships and gaining comprehensive insights into Vietnam's investment landscape, manufacturing capabilities, and potential for collaboration

For more photos and details of the Lower Saxony Delegation’s trip, kindly visit here>>> 


Vietnam Economic Monitoring – First Nine Months of 2023  

Despite global economic challenges in the first nine months of 2023, Vietnam's government and political system have actively steered the nation towards overcoming obstacles, resulting in 4.2% GDP growth. The Asian Development Bank predicts even better prospects, with 5.8% growth in 2023 and 6% in 2024. 

The country's import-export turnover hit $497.7 billion, with FDI enterprises contributing $341 billion, especially in sectors like mobile phones, computers, and electronics. In terms of FDI, Vietnam attracted $20.2 billion in registered capital by September 20, 2023, with a significant increase in newly licensed projects, highlighting its attractiveness in Southeast Asia. Germany, in particular, showed strong interest with 462 active projects and a $2.6 billion investment. This reflects Vietnam's promising economic journey.  

For full details of this report, kindly visit here>>>  

Find out more infographics and reports on our website>>> 

AHK Talks #1 X STADA Group: German Corporate Culture Drives Performance 

In the first episode of our brand-new show, Mr. Marko Walde had a fascinating conversation with Mr. Peter Goldschmidt, CEO of STADA Group about his success story and his work ethic while bringing STADA to one of the key leading pharmaceutical brands in Germany. Besides, he also shared his background, leadership vision, and philosophies throughout his 30 years of being in the pharmaceutical industry and developing a heritage brand while still putting a lot of caring and consideration to people’s health, especially in Vietnam.  

Discover these interesting insides in the AHK Talk with us right here>>> 

For more podcast from us, please visit AHK Vietnam’s website>>> 

AHK Blog: Investing in the Future: German Success Stories in Vietnam - STADA Vietnam 

Join us in our blog series, "German Success Stories in Vietnam", where we uncover remarkable achievements of German investors in Vietnam. 

In this blog, we delve into the captivating narrative of STADA Vietnam, from its humble origins and triumph over challenges to celebrating milestones and outlining ambitious future plans. We also showcase STADA's products, missions, and the people driving its success, emphasizing their commitment to investing in Vietnam's health and well-being. 

For a more in-depth exploration of STADA Vietnam's journey, please visit here>>>  

To explore all of our AHK Vietnam’s blogs, kindly visit here>>> 

National Strategy for Developing Vietnam's Pharmaceutical Industry until 2030 

Signed on October 9, Decision No. 1165/QĐ-TTg has approved the National Strategy for developing Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry until 2030, with a clear vision extending to 2045. The plan aims to ensure a steady supply of quality medicines, boost domestic production, and make Vietnam a pivotal hub for manufacturing, processing, and technology transfer of brand-name drugs, particularly from the ASEAN region.  

For more details, kindly visit here>>> 

Legal Updates by Dr. Oliver Massmann | October 2023

Our long-standing GBA board member Dr. Oliver Massmann, Partner at Duane Morris Vietnam LCC, is sharing the most relevant legal updates:

  1. Insurance-related violators to face heftier fines
  2. Land rental fees cut by 30% for 2023
  3. Vietnam to apply regulatory sandbox for development of circular economy
  4. Vietnam seeks to remove stagnancy in VAT refund
  5. SMEs can borrow loans at preferential interest rate of 1.2 percent per year

More details here>>>


Cambodia: ASEAN-Cambodia Business Summit 2023: September 28 – 29, 2023

In terms of the ASEAN-Cambodia Business Summit which kicked off in Phnom Penh, AHK had the honor to encounter H.E. Stefan Messerer, Ambassador of Germany to Cambodia, H.E. Dr. Aun Pornmoniroth, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Finance of Cambodia, and various entrepreneurs gathered at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra. 

Together with EuroCham Cambodia, during the interview with the presses, Mr. Walde highlighted the advantages of Cambodia for foreign investors and manufacturers, especially ones from Europe and Germany who desire to diversify their operations in Southeast Asia and emphasize AHK’s strategies and initiatives in facilitating the trade relations between Germany and the CLMV sub-region. 

For more photos and details of the event, kindly visit here>>> 

For more requests or queries regarding the market in Laos, please reach out to us at email: regionCLM@vietnam.ahk.de 

Cambodia’s Newest and Biggest Airport Opens To Commercial 

As the tourism industry in Cambodia is emerging broadly and the country is eager for more commercial opportunities, the new Airport in Siem Reap is about to open a more seamless gateway to Cambodia. This is the largest and newest airport in Cambodia designed to handle 7 million passengers a year initially, and up to 20 million by 2050. It can also accommodate larger commercial planes, such as those used on long-haul routes. 

To read the full article, kindly visit here>>> 

AHK Podcast #34: The Logistical Infrastructure and Trade Flow Development in the CLMV Sub-region 

In AHK Podcast #34, we delve into the crucial topic of logistical infrastructure and trade flow development in the CLMV Sub-region: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. This discussion is pivotal for enhancing economic integration among these nations. And the focus is on bolstering supply chain efficiency, reducing trade costs, and expanding access to global markets. While significant progress has been made in recent years, there's still room for improvement.  

Listen to Mr. Marko Walde as he engages with industry experts Carsten Schwenke, General Manager, Rhenus Vietnam, and Michael Wilton, CEO & Managing Director, MMI Asia Pte. Ltd. for their insights on these critical issues. 

Tune in NOW on Spotify>>> or Apple Podcast>>> 

For more podcast from us, please visit AHK Vietnam’s website>>> 

Cambodia: Minimum Wage Increase for Garment, Footwear, and Travel Product Workers in 2024 

On September 28, 2023, Cambodia's National Council for Minimum Wage (NCMW) finalized the minimum wage for textile, garment, footwear, travel goods, and bags workers in 2024 at $202. Prime Minister Samdech Thipadei Hun Manet added an extra $2, bringing the final minimum wage to $204, effective January 1, 2024. This increase will make Cambodia less reliant on cheap labor as a selling point compared to neighboring countries like Vietnam, Laos (ranging from $90 to $116 per month), and Myanmar (ranging from $4.62 per day to $78 to $150 per month). 

To read the full article, kindly visit here>>>


Vietnam: German Delegation Trip for Energy Management and Energy Efficiency in Buildings in VN, November 13 – 17, 2023 

As part of the "German Energy Solutions Initiative" by the German government, a delegation of German energy companies will visit Hanoi from November 13 to 17, 2023. During this visit, AHK Vietnam will host a seminar on "Energy Management and Efficiency in Buildings and Industries" in Hanoi. 

AHK Vietnam will then assist in organizing individualized and targeted B2B meetings – offering direct engagement opportunities for German businesses to search for potential business partners among Vietnamese influential industrial decision-makers in the energy sector.  

Event details: 

  • Time: 14.11.2023, 9 AM – 3:30 PM 
  • Location: Meliá Hanoi, 44B Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi 

The deadline for registration on November 6 is fast forwarding. Secure your spot and register now >>> 

If you have any further inquiries, kindly contact our consultant: Ms. Thu Van|Email: thu van.nguyen@vietnam.ahk.de

Cologne, Germany: Workshop on New Markets for the Agri-Food Industry, November 16, 2023

On November 16, the workshop "New Markets for the Agri-Food Industry” will take place in Cologne, Germany. At this event, participants will be introduced to three "new" markets for the German Agri-Food Industry: Vietnam, Egypt and South Africa. 

Event details: 

  • Date: November 16,  2023, 10:30 - 12:00 CET 
  • Location: IHK Köln 

To secure your spot, register now>>> 

If you have any questions, please contact: Mr. Björn Koslowski | E-mail: koslowski.bjoern@vietnam.ahk.de 

Hagen, Germany: SIHK Consultancy Day Vietnam, November 17, 2023 

On Friday, November 17, 2023, the South Westphalian Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Hagen (SIHK), in cooperation with the German Chamber of Commerce Abroad (AHK), is offering a Vietnam Consultation Day with approximately one-hour consultations at the company. 

The AHK provides advice primarily on the topics of market entry (business partner search, creditworthiness information, address research, potential and location analysis), sales partner placement, personnel, foundation, and business presence.

To secure your spot, register now>>> 

If you have any questions, please contact: Mr. Björn Koslowski | E-mail: koslowski.bjoern@vietnam.ahk.de 

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Germany: Further Consultation Days in Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main, and Munich, November 20 – 23, 2023 

This November, Further International Consulting Days will take place in the same week at IHK Region Stuttgart, IHK Frankfurt am Main, and IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria (Trade and Connect). You can expect exciting programs consisting of competent one-to-one consultations with experts from the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs) from more than 70 countries, interesting networking opportunities at our Marketplace, informative expert presentations, and many more benefits. 

Link register: 

If you have any questions, please contact: Mr. Björn Koslowski | E-mail: koslowski.bjoern@vietnam.ahk.de 

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Germany: Vietnam from North to South - Destination for Supply Chain Diversification, December 4, 2023 

On December 4, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria, in cooperation with AHK Vietnam and a group of five Vietnamese industrial zones, a law firm, and an HR consultancy, will present opportunities for diversifying your supply chains at a workshop. In addition to sourcing opportunities, the event will focus on the area of investment in production capacities. 

To establish a sustainable supply chain, more and more companies from Germany are turning to diversified procurement strategies. In Asia, Vietnam is considered an ideal place to put such strategies into practice. The country combines modernized infrastructure and a well-trained workforce with sound economic policies.  

To secure your spot, register now>>> 

If you have any questions, please contact: Mr. Björn Koslowski | E-mail: koslowski.bjoern@vietnam.ahk.de 

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[Supported Event] EuroCham’s Gala Dinner 2023 in Hanoi

Date: Wednesday, 1 November 2023

Time: 6:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi

More details here>>>

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[Supported Event] EuroCham's Green Economy Forum 2023

Date: Thursday, 2 November 2023

Time: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi

More details here>>>

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Monthly Business Meeting: Final Pitch of Business Challenge 2023

Date: Monday, 6 November 2023

Time: 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Venue: Sofitel Saigon Plaza

More details here>>>

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[Co-hosted Event] Business Thursdays in Hanoi

Date: Thursday, 9 November 2023

Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Venue: TBC

Stay tuned for more details to come here>>>

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[Supported Event] Rödl & Partner – FDI Forum Vietnam 2023 (Hybrid Event)

Date: Wednesday, 15 November 2023

Time: 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Place: Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City & GoTo Webinar

More details here>>>

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[Supported Event] EuroCham’s Gala Dinner & Business Awards in Ho Chi Minh City

Date: Friday, 17 November 2023

Time: 6:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Venue: Landmark 81, Ho Chi Minh City

More details here>>>

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GBA Football Cup 2023

Date: Saturday, 25 November 2023

Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Venue: Binh Thanh Sports Park, Ho Chi Minh City

More details here>>>

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GBA Events

The German Business Association offers excellent networking opportunities for various needs that come along with doing business in Vietnam. Don’t miss out on any of our upcoming activities!

Please visit our Website>>>, follow us on Facebook>>> and LinkedIn>>>, or join the GBA Announcement Group on WhatsApp & Zalo >>> to stay up to date.

[Supported Event] Seminar on Building & Implementing Policy to Promote Responsible Business Practices: EU, Thailand Experiences, and Business & Social Organization Involvement 

On October 31st, Ms. Lanh Huyen Nhu, a representative from AHK Vietnam, will be participating in a panel discussion at a conference hosted by the RED Communication Development Research Institute regarding the topic of responsible business practices. This event aims to gather support, insights, and knowledge-sharing to encourage relevant stakeholders’ action, benefiting society and promoting sustainable development in Vietnam. 

Audience: Professionals from businesses and social organizations interested in sustainable development. 
Time and place:
  • Ho Chi Minh City: Ramana Hotel, 08:30 AM -  4:30 PM October 31st, 2023
  • Hanoi: Trung uong Guest House, 08:30 AM -  4:30 PM November 3rd, 2023 

To secure your spot, register now>>> 

If you have any further inquiries, kindly contact: Ms. Hoac Tho Le | Email: hoacle@red.org.vn 


Join our GBA Corporate Partnership Program to position your brand in the best environment and show your support and connection to the German business community in Vietnam. Be constantly visible on every GBA channel and entitled to various benefits and exclusive promotion opportunities. Find out more here >>> or contact the Membership Manager, Ms. Mai at mai@gba-vietnam.org for registration and instant support.

Thank you for the strong support of our 15 Corporate Partners. Please find below further information.


Deutsche Bank AG

Deutsche Bank AG provides commercial and investment banking, retail banking, transaction banking, and asset and wealth management products and services to corporations, governments, institutional investors, small and medium-sized businesses, and private individuals. Deutsche Bank is Germany’s leading bank, with a strong position in Europe and a significant presence in the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Visit their website here>>>

Rödl & Partner VN FDI Forum Wed 15.11.2023, Hybrid Deutsches Haus HCMC & GoTo Webinar

Rödl & Partner Vietnam are hosting a hybrid event to provide information on foreign direct investment opportunities and frameworks for companies considering a new investment in Vietnam or an extension of an existing project. The event will be of interest to decision makers of such companies and can be jointly physically in HCMC or online via GoTo Webinar. Please use registration links provided below.

Find more details here>>>

Minister President of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil Visits Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City

On October 6, 2023, Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City had the honor of welcoming the Minister President of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil, and his delegation. Accompanying the delegation, we were also honored to have Dr. Josefine Wallat, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Christopher Scholl, Deputy Consul General, and Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam, join the visit to our building.

On behalf of Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Horst Geicke, Chairman/Investor, and Mr. Elmar Dutt, GD/COO, expressed their gratitude to Minister President Stephan Weil and highlighted the sustainable features of the building, emphasizing its suitability for the climate in Vietnam.

Find more details here>>>

NEXT.assembly - Dürr patented x-gun bolting system for E-mobility

Dürr’s NEXT.assembly is a one-stop shop for solutions for planning, consulting and process implementation in conveyor, gluing, assembly, filling and testing technology. In the #FinalAssembly for electric cars, the high-voltage battery is the central element of the vehicle. The battery is securely fastened to the vehicle with a large number of bolts. Using x-gun bolting system, you can automatically transfer up to four different bolts to the correct bolting point within the required cycle time.

Find more details here>>>


Established in 2021, Ivy+Partners is a PR Consulting Firm operating with the motto of upholding cultural values and supporting brands to create positive impacts on the community. With the local understanding and international standards, Ivy+Partners provides full-suited PR & Communications services, Events, Personal Branding and Business Matching. Ivy+Partners has a strong network of partners in the APAC region and is proud to be a member of the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), the world’s largest organization of public relations professionals, and One Asia PR Group.

Visit their website here>>>

INC Accounting Branch - Your Partner in Financial Excellence

INC Accounting Branch within the Luther Asia network is a fully licensed accounting services provider with an international client portfolio. Our team of experienced certified accountants and assistants offers seamless support in the thick of thin of routine and recurring administrative tasks, as well as tailored solutions and advice for your accounting and tax compliance in Vietnam.

Partner up - Contact INC Accounting Branch at here>>>

Mercedes-Benz Vietnam - The exclusive privilege for GBA members

Mercedes-Benz Vietnam is proud to be the only luxury car brand in Vietnam to have an exclusive program designated for all GBA members. Our special offers are up to 4% for all CKD models including C-class, E-class, GLC-class, and 4% for most of our CBU models. For more details of the program, please contact us via the hotline 1800 400 110 or direct points at our authorized nationwide dealers.

Visit their website here>>>

Messer releases its 2022 Corporate Sustainable Development Report

Messer, the world’s largest privately held specialist for industrial, medical and specialty gases, publishes its 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report and non-financial key performance indicators. Sustainability has been one of Messer’s guiding principles ever since the company was founded by Adolf Messer 125 years ago. Today, Messer is actively contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Find more details here>>>

Schaeffler's Apprenticeship Program returns for the 4th year

Schaeffler Vietnam has recently opened applications for the fourth year of the Apprenticeship Program. This is a long-standing initiative in which Schaeffler Vietnam is collaborating with LILAMA2 International Technology College to provide local students with the German-standard training. Through this program, we aim to foster and establish the company's next generation of highly skilled workforce.

Find more details here>>>

Schulz Noack gram returns for the 4th year

Schulz Noack Bärwinkel (SNB) is a German law firm that stands for excellence in its specialized practice areas and has a strong focus on the Asian markets. We operate offices in Hamburg, Rostock, Shanghai, and Ho Chi Minh City and we are also present in Jakarta by way of cooperation. We are used to taking care of our client’s interests abroad, and if needed, we can provide integrated solutions together with selected local law firms in other Asian countries that are part of our network.

Find more details here>>>

The importance of Customer Experience in Healthcare

In healthcare, patients are considered as customers, and their experience plays a significant role in shaping their satisfaction, loyalty, and perception of the service provider. This article will explore important lessons drawn from the field of healthcare and how they can be beneficial in enhancing the customer experience.

Find more details here>>>
Würth Vietnam

Würth Vietnam primarily trades and distributes chemical technical products, fasteners, engine oils, tools, and personal protection equipment of the highest German quality to the automotive and metal industries. In these sectors alone we deliver 5,000 items directly from our warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City. An additional 100,000 products we deliver from our global headquarters in Germany. 

Find more details here>>>


Welcome to the Royal League in the field of air technology, control engineering and drive technology. Be inspired by our technology, our solution and our competence and trust that you will find the future of intelligent developments at ZIEHL-ABEGG. We focus on system solutions for ventilation, control and drive technology and are constantly looking for new applications for our products. As an innovation and quality leader, we constantly set new standards in technology, service and design.

Find more details here>>>

Headhunt Vietnam

Having served more than 500 corporate clients, including multinational companies and large local companies operating in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in the past, we have continuously updated the market and carried out internal training to best meet the needs of our clients.

10 years of contributing to the recruitment of several organization by conducting hundreds of executive searches across Vietnam and Asia Pacific countries, Headhunt Vietnam is proud to become a leading placement and HR consulting company representing the industries of Oil & Gas, FMCG & Manufacturing, Logistics, and IT in Vietnam

Visit their website here>>>

tesa Officially Opens New Site in Haiphong (Vietnam) Expanding its Footprint in Asia

On 12th October, tesa has opened a new site in Haiphong, Vietnam as part of its strategy to regionalize production, expand capacity, and optimize supply chains. The Haiphong site has a production capacity of 40 million square meters of adhesive tape per year, serving the fast-growing Asian market, particularly the automotive and electronics industries. Committed to sustainability: tesa is aiming for LEED Gold Standard certification.

Find more details here>>>


Lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil Impressed by Skilled Workforce in Vietnam 

Lower Saxony's Minister President, Stephan Weil, recently concluded his business trip to Vietnam with a significant focus on engaging with workers from the Hand In Hand For International Talents and PreRecognition projects organized by AHK Vietnam. He also emphasized to the German press the significant recruitment potential of Lower Saxony for labor in Vietnam in various fields such as hospitality, healthcare, and many others. The state government, in collaboration with German companies, is implementing vocational training initiatives to support Vietnamese workers in studying, working, and settling in Lower Saxony. 

For more details, kindly visit one of these article: 

AHK Vietnam X VIR: German Supply Chain Act: Sustainability Focus and Vietnam's Implications 

In a recent VIR interview, Ms. Huyen Nhu Lanh (AHK Vietnam) and Prof. Andreas Stoffers (FNF Vietnam) discussed how the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) affects Vietnam. The LkSG, effective from 2023, applies to German companies with over 3,000 employees, focusing on global sustainability in supply chains. AHK Vietnam assists Vietnamese suppliers in raising their standards and supports German companies in understanding regional risks, encouraging Vietnamese businesses to comply for enhanced international reputation. 

To read the full article, kindly visit here>>> 

If you have inquiries regarding the LkSG, kindly contact our expert: Ms. Huyen Nhu Lanh | Emai: lanh.nhu@vietnam.ahk.de 

AHK Vietnam X VTV4: Germany Lists Vietnam among the Top Investment Destinations with the Best Conditions for Guarantee 

Recently, the German government has listed Vietnam as one of the 34 countries that offer the best investment conditions for German businesses. Specifically, German investors in Vietnam receive higher levels of protection and compensation in case of political risks, such as expropriation, war, or restrictions on capital transfer, etc. 

In a recent VTV4 interview, Mr. Marko Walde emphasized that strengthening investment guarantees for Vietnam reflects the increasing importance and potential of the Vietnamese market for German companies. As a result, both the German government and investors have more confidence that Vietnam is a safe investment destination. 

To watch the full interview: 

  • About investment guarantee conditions, kindly visit here>>> 
  • About the economic growth target in 2023 & 2024 according to the Government's perspective, kindly visit here>>> 

GBA x VTV4: Vietnam’s Q3 Economic Results and The Outlook for Q4/2023

Recently, GBA Vice-Chairman Mr. Martin Koerner had an interview with VTV4 regarding Vietnam’s Q3 economic results and the outlook for Q4/2023 in the global context. In this interview, he gave an update on the results of the recent GBA’s mid-year survey, which showed that despite several economic headwinds, German companies operating in Vietnam have shown remarkable resilience. He also spoke about recent German investments in Vietnam, highlighting the continued strong interest of German companies in Vietnam as an investment destination

Watch the full interview here>>>

GBA x Vietnam Investment Review: Germany’s pioneering role in Industry 4.0

October 23rd, 2023 - GBA Board member Mr. Vi Thanh Tuan had an interview with the Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) to discuss the prospects of German investment in Vietnam in the field of creative innovation and giving policy recommendations. Mr. Vi believes that Germany’s expertise in Industry 4.0 can contribute to Vietnam’s digital transformation by providing advanced technologies, high-quality education and training, and sustainable solutions. He also acknowledges the challenges and opportunities that Vietnam faces in its digital transformation journey, and suggests some policy recommendations to foster a more conducive environment for innovation.

Read the full article here>>>

Vietnam Steps up Implementation of Labour Commitments in Free-Trade Agreements 

Vietnam is actively enhancing its legal system to uphold labor commitments in FTAs with the EU, UK, and CPTPP countries. The country has joined 25 ILO conventions, including 9 fundamental, 3 administrative, and 13 technical conventions. The country has also ratified and implemented 2 important conventions on the right to organize and collective bargaining (Convention 98) and the abolition of forced labor (Convention 105), which are part of its labor commitments in the FTAs. Furthermore, the government is considering joining another key convention on freedom of association (Convention 87), which is required by the FTAs as well.  

To read the full article, kindly visit here>>> 


HCMC, Vietnam: Germany Welcomes You! Study. Work. Explore, October 14, 2023 

On October 14, the information day "Germany Welcomes You! Study. Work. Explore" organized by the Goethe Institute in collaboration with AHK Vietnam and the German Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City was a great success.  

The highlight was a panel discussion featuring Mr. Marko Walde, Mr. Jakob Lokau, Head of the Visa Department at the German Consulate General, and Mr. Steffen Kaupp, Deputy Director and Head of the Language Department at the Goethe Institute, focusing on Germany's new immigration law aimed at helping skilled workers find employment and settle in the country. 

Over 300 participants joined to learn about studying, vocational training, living, and working in Germany. and received direct advice on labor recruitment projects such as "Hand in Hand for International Talents" and the recognition of qualifications through "ProRecognition". 

For more photos and details of the event, kindly visit here>>> 

HCMC, Vietnam: Direct Dialogue with Lower Saxony's Minister President on Foreign Skilled Workforce Opportunities, October 6, 2023 

On October 6, the participants of two projects Pro-Recognition and Hand In Hand For International Talents had for the first time the opportunity to talk directly with Lower Saxony’s Minister President Stephan Weil regarding career chances for foreign skilled workforces and working environment in the German state. 

Mr. Marko Walde opened the discussion, and the German Deputy General Consul, Mr. Christopher Scholl, also attended and highlighted the General Consulate's support for visa application procedures. During the direct dialog with Mr. Stephan Weil, the attendees addressed their concerns and questions regarding the working conditions in Lower Saxony as well as the state’s support for immigrant workers to integrate into the labor market here.  

For more photos and details of the event, kindly visit here>>> 

For AHK’s contact information for Pro-Recognition Project, kindly visit here>>> 

For AHK’s contact information for Hand In Hand For International Talents Project, kindly visit here>>> 

HCMC, Vietnam: Workshop on Skill Improvement for the Vietnamese Workforce to Enter European Labor Market,
October 10, 2023 

On October 10, the Workshop on skill improvement for the Vietnamese workforce was held at Vien Dong College, hosted by the Vietnam Association of Vocational Education and Training & Social Work (VAVET&SOW) and their partners. The event featured presentations by Project Coordinators from Hand In Hand For International Talents and ProRecognition, focusing on recognizing and converting vocational qualifications in Vietnam to meet European standards. The experts also discussed the labor market in Germany and other European countries, as well as opportunities and challenges for Vietnamese skilled workers. 

During the event, Mr. Marko Walde signed an MoU with VAVET&SOW, aiming to pool resources and promote innovation to enhance vocational education in Vietnam. The goal is to create a flexible, high-quality system that can meet the demands of the labor market and adapt to the challenges of the 4.0 industrial revolution. 

For more photos and details of the event, kindly visit here>>> 

For more information on our 

  • Hand In Hand For International Talents project 
  • ProRecognition project 
  • Vocational Education Training project 

kindly access AHK’s website right here>>>  

Hanoi, Vietnam: Discussion on Immigration of Skilled Workers to Germany, October 24, 2023 

On October 24, AHK Vietnam partnered with the Goethe Institute Hanoi on a panel discussion deepening the topic of "Immigration of Skilled Workers to Germany: Opportunities, Challenges, and the Areas of Activity of Government-Authorized Organizations in Vietnam." The conversation between experts shed light on forthcoming changes in immigration laws, effective from November 1, 2023; simplifying processes; and lowering standards for skilled labor and vocational students moving to Germany. 

In the event, AHK Vietnam provided insights on Germany's industry-specific labor shortages, opportunities for Vietnamese immigrants, and our support to them through two projects: 

  • “Hand in Hand for International Talents” - providing job opportunities consultation in Germany 
  • “ProRecognition” - offering advice on the recognition of qualifications. 

For more information about our projects, kindly visit here>>> 

Stay updated on AHK Vietnam’s event page for the latest information and upcoming events and seminars. 


Current Vacancies

AHK Job Exchange connects applicants for jobs or internships with German and international companies in Vietnam. The current vacancies can be found on our website here >>>

Companies or organizations in a German-Vietnamese context can switch on vacancies in AHK’s Job Exchange free of charge.

If required, we can provide you access to our Talent Pool. Please contact our corresponding contact person here>>> for any further inquiries.

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[Supported Event] Singapore: Transport Logistics and Air Cargo Southeast Asia Exhibition, November 1 3, 2023 

Transport logistics Southeast Asia is the latest edition of the world’s largest trade show for the transportation and logistics industry. It is poised to become the most influential meeting place for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management in the Southeast Asia region. 

Air Cargo Southeast Asia, the international industry gathering for the global air freight industry, will bring together exhibiting companies from the air cargo sector like airlines, airports, forwarding agents, cargo handling companies, express services, logistics providers, and others. 

Both trade shows are taking place at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore from November 1 to 3, 2023, under the care of Messe München.  

For further details and visitor registration please visit here>>> 

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Nürnberg, Germany: Spielwarenmesse 2024,
January 30
February 3, 2024

The largest and most important toys trade fair in the world is taking place from 30 January to 3 February, and we want YOU to be part of it. Join us for a week of endless opportunities, where you will connect with industry leaders, showcase your latest products, and make valuable business connections.

AHK Vietnam is the official representative of Spielwarenmesse in Vietnam and is willing to assist with your interest in participating in this exciting and lively event!

To become an exhibitor and take your business to the next level, register now>>>

For more information and details, please get in touch with Ms. Trang Tran | E-mail: trang.tran@vietnam.ahk.de

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Berlin, Germany: Fruit Logistica 2024, February 7 – 9, 2024 

Fruit Logistica is the world’s most important trade fair for the fresh produce industry and its direct access to the global market. You can find the complete range of products, services, and technical solutions from every part of the value chain, as well as an entire spectrum from producer to consumer.  

This year, the Fruit Logistica will come together to gain in the exhibition ground Berlin Funkturm, under the motto “The heartbeat of the fresh product business.”  

In this 3-day Fruit Logistica 2024, you will be connected with the industry’s leading players – An exhibition from over 90 countries with trade visitors and decision-makers from 140 countries worldwide.  

To book a stand at Fruit Logistica 2024, kindly visit here>>>.  

For more information about Fruit Logistica 2024, and how AHK Vietnam assists you in the international fresh produce market, kindly visit here>>> or contact Ms. Mai Le | E-mail: mai.le@vietnam.ahk.de 

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Berlin, Germany: ITB 2024, March 5 – 7, 2024

ITB is the world’s largest travel and tourism trade fair held at Berlin Expo Center City (ICC Berlin). Here in ITB Berlin 2024, with the help of over 180 participating countries and regions, you and receive the most valuable information regarding the current trending topics, coming from different segments, such as adventure travel & responsible tourism, business travel, career center, LGBT+ tourism, luxury travel, medical tourism, youth travel and more.  

For more information on ITB 2024 and to receive support from AHK Vietnam, kindly contact Ms. Mai Le | E-mail: mai.le@vietnam.ahk.de

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The GBA members represent a variety of German businesses in Vietnam from small and medium-sized enterprises to large global players. They are a good reflection of the German economy’s structure in general.

We would like to introduce our new members to you every month. Please join us to welcome our new members for October 2023 by visiting their website or stopping by to introduce yourself. The personal touch will help GBA continue to grow and thrive! For more details here>>> 


Established on September 27, 2018, EI GROUP is an enterprise licensed by the Department of Education and Training. We are a pioneer in German and English language training, study abroad consulting, migration support, and human resource supply in developed countries such as Germany, the UK, Australia, the USA, Canada, Japan and Korea. We are committed to building a vocational education and training system to help students choose appropriate careers for a brighter future. For more information, please visit www.eigroup.vn


We are Many Touches Πa Vietnamese tech company founded in 2021 with one purpose: Making the small actions in your life easy to help you connect with what's important in life. Specifically, we design and create a near-field communication (NFC) ring to replace all the other devices you use in your everyday life from elevator card and apartment keys to credit cards. For more information, please visit www.Manytouches.com


As NYIFUND’s sole partner in Vietnam, we take pride in our focus on EB-5 projects in the Manhattan-New York metropolitan area, which offer both high-risk and low-risk investment opportunities. With many years of experience and a remarkable track record, we have built our reputation on real performance and honesty. We are committed to providing customized solutions to help clients achieve US residency and sustainable investment goals. For more information, please visit www.nyifund.org/en

Welcome to the world of the best – Welcome to the royal league in the field of air technology, control engineering and drive technology. Be inspired by our technology, our solutions and our competence and trust that you will find the future of intelligent developments at ZIEHL-ABEGG. We focus on system solutions for ventilation, control and drive technology and are constantly looking for new applications for our products. For more information, please visit www.ziehl-abegg.com

As a specialist for household goods and hygiene products, QuickPack develop and manufacture for numerous international trading companies and leading retail chains. Our products, such as aluminum foils, keep-fresh films, freezer bags, bin bags and baking papers are often sold by our customers under their own labels. The Quickpack Group is the global partner for people and businesses. For more information, please visit www.quickpack.de


With Ryte, websites reach they full potential. We offer an easy-to-use software platform that combines the fields of Compliance, Sustainability (Website carbon emissions), Web Performance, Quality Assurance, Accessibility, Search Engine Marketing. More than one million users and over 1 billion sessions worldwide rely on our tools for better website management, creating compelling content and achieving better rankings. This makes us the market leader in “Website Quality Management” to establish a perfect Website User Experience. For more information, please visit www.ryte.vn


JP contagi Asia is an owner-managed executive search consultancy focused on SMEs as well as global corporations. In addition to Europe (4 offices in Germany and Switzerland), we operate primarily in Asia, with locations in China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Our focus is on the systematic direct search for qualified employees in top and senior management. For more information, please visit www.contagi.ch

  • REWE FAR EAST (The Representative Office of Rewe Far East Limited in Ho Chi Minh City)

REWE Far East Ltd. is a sourcing organization that works predominantly for REWE Group in Asia. With offices in China, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam REWE Far East strengthens REWE Group’s strategic procurement activities in the Asian region, bundling the procurement of all food and non-food products in Asia. REWE Far East sources products primarily for the German retail brands of REWE Group: REWE full-range stores, PENNY discount stores and toom Baumarkt DIY stores, but also services REWE Group’s daughter companies, e.g. PENNY International and BILLA Austria and 3. Party customers. For more information, please visit www.rewe-fareast.com


TCOM was founded in 2012 in Vietnam, by a group of IT experts with more than 15 years of experience in product development and the implementation of technology projects with domestic and foreign partners founded a technology firm called TCOM. TCOM gathers talented, passionate, and creative people, who graduated from leading universities in Vietnam. We commit to providing solutions at Reasonable cost – Japanese quality manager – Highly qualified engineers, professional process. For more information, please visit www.tcom.vn

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Hanoi, Vietnam: The 30th Anniversary of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Vietnam, October 12, 2023 

On October 12, Mr. Björn Koslowski was delighted to participate in the Gala Night celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) in Vietnam. 

KAS has been present in Hanoi since 1993 and is dedicated to the promotion of rule-of-law structures, representative democracy, sustainable and social market economy as well as regional and international integration in Vietnam.  

For more details of the event, kindly visit here>>>

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GBA New Member Onboarding | Q2 & Q3 2023

HCMC, 18 October – We thank our new members for joining the GBA onboarding meeting this morning. During the session, GBA Co-Chairman Mr. Elmar Dutt, EuroCham Delegate Mr. Alexander Ziehe, and Board member Mr. Jan-Christian Koldehoff delivered an introduction about the German Business Association’s missions, visions, and key activities in Vietnam, along with a focused topic on how to maximise the benefits of GBA and the dual EuroCham’s membership. Then, a cosy networking session facilitated immediate connections among new members.

For more details here>>>

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DeutschenTreff in HCMC | October 2023

HCMC, 18 October – GBA held a successful “DeutschenTreff” for its members and business community in Ho Chi Minh City at SEI Dining Lounge with over 60 members and friends.

Participants highly appreciated the platform that we provided them to connect with their potential partners, widen the door to new business opportunities and partnerships, and the opportunity to network with the European business community in a convivial atmosphere.

More details here>>>

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GBA Oktoberfest Set to be Held in Da Nang for the First Time

The first GBA Oktoberfest in Danang successfully took place on October 6, 2023 with 500 attendees at the prestigious Furama Resort Danang. All attendees greatly appreciated the opportunity to use the festival as a platform for networking and business cooperation, while also exploring the unique German culture and cuisine.

Representing the GBA, Board Member Mr. Andre de Jong expressed our immense excitement to bring the most authentic German beer festival to Central Vietnam. By hosting the GBA Oktoberfest in Da Nang, we are not only showcasing the region’s great economic potential, but also taking a significant step forward in fostering bilateral socio-economic relations between Germany and Vietnam.

More details here>>>

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GBA Oktoberfest 2023 Kicked Off in Hanoi

The GBA Oktoberfest 2023 kicked off at JW Marriott Hanoi on September 28, with a crowd of 1,500 attendees. The festival has received an overwhelming response with a record-breaking number of 32 sponsors and all 5,000 tickets for the three-night festival in Hanoi have been sold out. The Deputy Head of Mission, German Embassy Hanoi, Mr. Simon Kreye, along with GBA Co-Chairman Mr. Torben Minko, the Deputy Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam Mr. Björn Koslowski, and the management team of JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi, inaugurated the festival by the special ceremony of opening the first beer keg with a hammer.

More details here>>>

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The Grand Finale of GBA Oktoberfest 2023: It was a Blast in Ho Chi Minh City

The Grand Finale of GBA Oktoberfest 2023 was officially opened at Hotel Nikko Saigon on October 12, 2023, with a crowd of 1,500 attendees. The festival was inaugurated by the German Consul General H.E. Dr. Josefine Wallat, along with GBA Co-Chairman Mr. Elmar Dutt, and the Deputy Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam Mr. Björn Koslowski, by the special ceremony of opening the first beer keg with a hammer. We’d like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to the German Embassy Hanoi and the German Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City for their patronage of the event every year. Our sincere gratitude also goes to our valuable sponsors, partners, and especially to the GBA team for their great dedication and support.

More details here>>>

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Hanoi, Vietnam: Vietnam Hanoi Textile & Garment Industry - Fabric & Garment Accessories Expo 2023, October 25 – 27, 2023 

On October 25, AHK Vietnam’s Market Entry Services Team visited the Vietnam Hanoi Textile & Garment Industry - Fabric & Garment Accessories Expo 2023 , an event showcasing innovations in the textile and garment industry.  

Vietnam is a leading global garment exporter, with consistent annual growth of 20-26% since 2018, aiming to achieve a $70 billion export value by 2030. AHK Vietnam provides market analysis and company screening reports to support businesses entering specialized industries. For more details about our services, kindly visit here>>> 

For more photos of the event, kindly visit here>>>  

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Hanoi, Vietnam: Kinofest 2023 | Film Screening, November 1 – 11, 2023 

Initiated by the Goethe-Institute Southeast Asia, Kinofest 2023 will showcase recent award-winning films from German cinema, including those recognized at the Berlinale Film Festival. Diverse in genres and topics, series of films from Kinofest this year will center around the themes of connection, immigration, and cultural interference in contemporary life of Germany. 

Event details: 

  • Time: 7:30 PM, November 1 – 11, 2023 
  • Address: BHD Cinestar Hanoi, 8th Floor Vincom Center, 2 Pham Ngoc Thach, Kim Lien, Dong Da, Hanoi 

For more information about the event, kindly visit here>>> 

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Online: Science Film Festival 2023 | Online Film Screening, October 10 – December 31, 2023

This year marks the 13th edition of the Science Film Festival in Vietnam. From October to December 2023, the Goethe-Institut will continue to cooperate with its long-standing partners, THD Education Solutions Ltd., and some local partners and schools to implement the annual organized science film festival.

Audiences in Vietnam can easily receive the VIMEO link to watch the 12 films selected for this year's Science Film Festival in Vietnam by registering here>>>

For more information about the event, kindly visit here>>>

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